Rushcliffe Service Level Agreement – Interim Report 2017

Notts Wildlife Trust recently produced an interim report for 2017 on the Rushcliffe Borough Council Service Level Agreement that helps fund NWT work in Rushcliffe. I thought members might be interested in it so if you are please follow this link.

Janice Bradley (NWT Head of Conservation) commented “ It struck me that whilst we often discuss particular projects and issues, we rarely report on the day to day conservation work that carries on in the background, quietly protecting and conserving our habitats and species. So I thought it was interesting to see the latest Rushcliffe SLA report from Ben, which provides a great summary of our wide-ranging conservation work in the Borough.

The report illustrates really well how our SLA conservation and education work,  paid for by RBC, complements our core-funded land advisory and planning work, our reserve management, our major externally funded projects for Badger Vaccination and at Skylarks,  and of course the sterling work of the South Notts Local Group.  You can see from the report that the volunteer time committed by the SNLG members for walks and talks, and other volunteer activities, such as the Bunny Wood RMC, are greatly valued by RBC.  This is now our 12th year of this SLA, which is renewed every 3 years, and the fact that it has still continued, despite heavy LA cuts, shows the value of the strong and productive relationship built up between RBC officers, Ben (and Gaynor and myself before) and the SNLG over many years. Seen together, this shows the range of conservation delivery in this Borough, further increased in this current quarter (Jul-Sep) by the Wetlands Landscapes for All funds that are being spent at the Hook and Skylarks.”

For the full report please follow this link

Rushcliffe Country Park Wildlife WATCH

Rushcliffe Country Park Wildlife WATCH for children  have published their Autumn programme

First off on the 9th September we are going ‘wild in the country’. That means, weather permitting we shall be out and about using all our senses to discover what is lurking in the country park in late summer. This might mean that we will see how a tree feels when its hugged (not emotionally obviously!!), or how certain trees or plants smell when sniffed. Maybe we will come across a frog or a toad that might need kissing to reveal if there really is any truth to the fairy tales we know and love. As well as letting our senses loose in the great outdoors, we have a great game lined up – The Smelly Sock Game. Not quite as bad as it sounds – our socks will be fairly clean, but full of some interesting items for you to sniff at and to guess the contents. We promise no cheese of any sort. So don’t forget your coats and wellies, hats and sun-cream, nose pegs, etc. It will be fun. Start time is the usual 11:00 at the Education Centre and we will finish off with drinks and snacks just before 1 pm.

Then In October, we have an organisation called ‘Hawks of Steele’ coming to visit us and do expect this will be a busy session, so you might want to make sure you reserve a space and arrive on time so as not to miss a minute of the session. Prepare to be awestruck by some fantastic Raptors.

In November, we will be entertaining the Notts Fungi Group, who will be introducing us to some amazing fungi to be found in the park, so that will be a treat not to be missed. If we have time, we might even have a go at making and naming our own brands of fungi and we will all have fun guys (and girls). Oh dear, less of the silly jokes please we hear you all saying.

The Rushcliffe Wildlife Watch Group (for more info contact Geoff East on, for a full programme follow this link.