We are now looking at our next Ruddington Spring Fair fundraiser for Notts Wildlife Trust which will be on Sat 4th June at the St Peters Rooms as usual.

So we are appealing for donations of the following things

Plants – can you help by growing some plants for the plant sale section, if so contact Gordon Dyne on gordon.dyne@gmail.com or 0115 8784842

Cakes – bake us a few cakes, contact Margie Richards on marjeff637@btinternet.com  or 0115 9376320

CD`s, DVD`s and Computer Games (not videos) – got some you can donate, please contact Valerie Holt on v.holt1@ntlworld.com  or 0115 9822317

Records (LP`s or singles) -our record expert is Scott Gorman on scottgorman1@btinternet.com

Tombola prizes – we are looking for donations for a Tombola, if you would be prepared to donate please contact Cath Lovatt    cath.lovatt@googlemail.com

– WOOLY BADGERS, yes honestly woolly badgers. Are you a knitter and be prepared to knit some woolly badgers for us to sell. We can provide a pattern, please contact cath.lovatt@googlemail.com

We would also be interested to hear from anyone who might be able to help out on the day.

In 2015 the funds raised by the Spring Fair helped us donate £1400 to a project at Besthorpe Nature Reserve as well as supprt a major project at Wilwell and Wilford Claypits. So please help if you can. We would also be interested to hear from anyone who might be able to help out on the day.

South Notts Local Group Commitee

The local group AGM is coming up in April and we would be interested in hearing from anyone  interested in joining the SNG committee, as ever it would always be good to recruit some fresh talent.  Particularly good will be team working, willingness to pitch in and also perhaps put fresh ideas into the groups operation. The SNG committee carries out fundraising activities on behalf of Notts Wildlife Trust (currently Spring Fair, committee meetings are approx every 8 weeks in local members home. If you want to know more please contact the Chair – Gordon Dyne on gordon.dyne@gmail.com or 0115 878442