Cotgrave Country Park Wildlife Walks

Do you like a Sunday morning walk in the Country Park?
Once a quarter a member of the Friends group will be leading a walk looking at plants and listening to birds there. Our first walk this year was on Sunday March 26th. We welcomed two families with young and enthusiastic children, exploring nature. Hazel and goat willow (pussy willow) had catkins out, which feed early bees. Daffodils both wild and from gardens brightened the overcast day. We even saw early cowslips (planted by schoolchildren from our primary schools). A yellow wagtail was a nice surprise, and an early bumblebee buzzed past looking for food and a home. 17 plants and 9 trees were seen, and 13 birds heard, some being seen too.
If you would like to come on the next walk at the end of June, watch the Cotgrave Country park facebook site for details.

Alternatively Looking for a weekend activity? 🧭Why not try out the orienteering course with 17 markers to complete. Each marker has been crafted as a silhouette reflecting the history of the park, its wildlife, or a leaf from one of the trees found here.

Find out more details about our orienteering course and download the sheet here :
Send us a message if you would like the answers to the sheet!