Located near the Holme Pierrepont Country Park (formally Water Sports Centre) on Adbolton Lane Skylarks was a small 10 hectare reserve consisting of lake, reedbed, scrub woodland and some species rich grassland. See NWT Reserves Fact Sheet.

However in 2013 another 37 hectares of land was secured directly over the road to form a large 47 hectare site. Known as Blotts Pit it supports a network of lakes, ponds, some reed and woodland and areas of species rich grassland. The new site will undergo a major re shaping to create additional muddy margins, wet grassland, reedbeds, islands and isolated (fish free) ponds.

This has become one of NWT`s largest and most successful funding appeal (see attached). It will also mean a year or so of significant engineering work as part of the lake is reshaped from something rather like a bowl to a more gentle shelving saucer (but including islands.

The reserve now has an active reserve work party

The  new reserve will look something like this. Skylarks and Holme Pierrepont proposed habitat enhancement works V2