Cotgrave Forest and Surroundings Nature Conservation Focal Area


The Notts Biodiversity Action Group ( funded principally by Rushcliffe Borough Council) carried out a map based Biodiversity Matching exercise across Rushcliffe. Based on this RNCSIG (Rushcliffe Nature Conservation Strategy Implementation Group) have identified a total of nine potential focus areas in the Borough where there seems to be significant potential to make things Better, Bigger and More Connected in wildlife terms. In effect mini Landscape Scale Conservation areas. This link is to the full  RushcliffeBOMReport2015_V3  whilst this is to the map of the  BOM Focal Areas

RNCSIG have decided to focus their efforts to make things better, bigger and more connected on one specific area – that of the Cotgrave Forest and Surrounds Focal. Area. This partly in recognition that the forest supports small colonies of a number of rarer woodland butterflies in the area, that the selling of of the woodland in small  lots (often to individuals) both creates opportunities and also issues of long term coherent management, particularly of woodland rides. So one strand of our vision for the Cotgrave Focal Area is to promote the setting up of some sort of “Friends of Corgrave Wood”  and we are arranging a meeting on Saturday 12th Nov in Cotgrave – linking to booking details to follow.

A second strand is to look at the surrounding area (as far as A46, A52, A40) and look at the potential for talking to other land owners about the wildlife possibilities on their land – where things can be made better or bigger and of course more connected. Whilst we are particularly thinking of the possibility of woodland copses and hedgerow improvements to allow greater movement of woodland species across the area and providing “stepping stones” to other local woods, we will also be looking at ANY opportunities to enhance local wildlife – grassland, ponds etc etc. We will also be talking to local parish councils.

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Cotgrave Forest Project Flyer 03 Aug 2016

Cotgrave Forest BOM butterflies

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