Wildlife Recording

One of the most useful things people can do is to record the wildlife they see around them – visiting a reserve, walking the dog or even just in thier garden. Such information can provide a small but helpful contribution to the bigger picture in the area. Often people go for the more obvious groups perhaps on birds or butterflies, but some go for more specailist catergories including in one instance the very esoteric plant galls !

It is important to remember that it is not all about things that are rare or unusual, it is just as important (in fact MORE important) to record the usual suspects. Do not assume “well someone must have reported it`s presence locally, the answer is probably not and even if they have confirmation is always good. Best is regular recording from a particular site, but not necessarily a nature reserve.

So what do you need to record – – Date, – Species, – Number (if poss), – Location both a name and a map ref/post code is needed, – Any additional comments that maybe of interest – breeding, young, habitat.

Where do you send records into ?

If it is a NWT Reserve send them to Michael Walker at MWalker@nottswt.co.uk. For all other sites collect your records together and send them to the relevant County Recorder as per the attached list. Notts County Wildlife Recorders

Struggling to identify a species – here is a couple of sites that might help

Niel Pinder has set up a web site listing many species in all sorts of categories that are found in Rushcliffe, so if you are sort of half certain to your ID then this site may be of help to confirm it`s presence.

Alternatively I Spotnature is a great site where you can upload photos and knowledgeable people (with too much time on their hands) will try and suggest the correct species.