2023-2024 Winter Wildlife Talks Programme

All our talks are online via ZOOM in order to provide a wide range of speakers from around the country and also to make it accessible to a wider range of people in Rushcliffe and elsewhere. Details of Technical Requirements are shown at the end of the article.

Each talk costs £4; please use the relevant link shown below to book. All costs include booking fees and are per device, not per person.

Each talk starts at 7 pm. The ZOOM waiting room will open at 6.45 pm, in anticipation of a 7 pm start.

You can book the whole programme of six talks for £20; to do so, please contact martin.price.snw@gmail.com.

Some talks will be recorded, so if you miss one, viewing can be arranged where available (please contact martin.price.snw@gmail.com).

Thursday October 5th: The Falkland Islands – David Chapman

Following last season’s excellent talk on The Birds of Cornwall, David returns to share his experiences travelling to The Falkland Islands in 2019/2020, where he recorded the wildlife and landscapes of this British overseas territory.  Join us to hear about and see the amazing wildlife he encountered, including penguins and elephant seals.

David is a professional photographer and writer living in Cornwall. In his photography he specialises in landscapes and wildlife whilst in his writing he features wildlife, travel and conservation.

To book this talk, please click on https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/south-notts-group-talk-the-falkland-islands-with-david-chapman-tickets-617744900627

Thursday November 9th; Our English Chalk Streams: Rare and beautiful but threatened – Doug Kennedy

England’s chalk downs and wolds are a globally rare landscape over which flow around 60 chalk streams: there are only 210 chalk streams World-wide so these represent a priceless English phenomenon. With industrialisation and the burgeoning of housing developments they have come under threat and many have been altered beyond recognition.  Those that survive are fascinating and beautiful; this talk seeks to reveal this and explore how they can be protected.

Doug is a photographer, ecologist and wildlife campaigner who has produced seven books on English landscapes and natural history. With an MSc in environmental studies, he has been a lifelong campaigner for nature, and initiated several successful campaigns including the Chalk Stream Action Group and Save the River Thame.

To book this talk, please click on https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/south-notts-group-talk-our-english-chalk-streams-with-doug-kennedy-tickets-619053053347

December 7th:  The best of Britain: From Ardnamurchan to the Forest of Dean – Tom Mabbett, Naturetrek

In this talk, Tom will cover his favourite wildlife locations across the UK from the “Wild west” of Scotland to his local Forest of Dean. Appreciating what is close to home and on our doorstep has never been more important and Tom will also talk about some local wildlife discoveries and the joy and excitement of finding wildlife on your home patch, including an introduction to camera trapping.

A lifelong fascination with wildlife, a degree in Biology and extensive travel around the world encountering sharks, rays and too many birds and mammals to mention, followed by work at an environmental charity and then as grounds warden at WWT Slimbridge have given Tom a wealth of knowledge and experience which he puts to good use with Naturetrek. Since 2013, Tom has led over 50 of their tours around the world seeking out wildlife ranging from Hawfinches in the UK to Clouded Leopards in Borneo.

To book this talk, please click on https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/south-notts-group-talk-the-best-of-britain-tickets-619057907867

Thursday January 4th: (re)Wilding – Jenny Conor

Join us to hear what rewilding means at Dalton Moor Farm, a small farm in East Durham, as Jenny tells us of her experiences over the last ten or so years of supporting nature to regenerate the natural environment, bringing new (or long forgotten) plants and animals back onto the land.

Jenny is a self-confessed ‘nature’s child’ and animal lover. Following a high-level medical career, she is now a vegan regenerative farmer and founder of Dalton Moor Farm Vegan Fruit Farm and School of Sustainable Living and Wellbeing.

To book this talk, please click on https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/south-notts-group-talk-rewilding-with-jenny-connor-tickets-619069241767

Thursday February 1st :  Wildlife of Sydney and the Blue Mountains – Nick Martin

We are delighted to welcome back Nick as he regales us with his experiences of Sydney’s wildlife, from vibrant fairy wrens to noisy cockatoos, frogmouths to fruit bats. Across four visits, Nick has accumulated many images to illustrate his exploration of the wide variety of wildlife that enchants visitors to this wonderful antipodean destination.

Nick works for Warwickshire Wildlife Trust as well as being a regular on the speaker circuit entertaining groups with his varied wildlife talks. He also founded the website www.allthingswildlife.co.uk

To book this talk, please click on https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/south-notts-group-talk-wildlife-of-sydney-and-the-blue-mountains-tickets-619081378067

Thursday March 7th :  The Plight of the Humblebee! – Louise Bentley, Lancashire Wildlife Trust

The fascinating world of bees! Prepare to be humbled at their industrious and gentle nature, intelligence and sense of community. It’s not all about the Honeybee or even the cute Bumblebee, as the UK is home to a wide range of overlooked but no less important Solitary Bees. But why do we need them and how can we help keep them buzzing and save the sound of summer? Join us to find out what you can do to help save our pollinators.

Louise has been volunteering for Lancashire Wildlife Trust since 2011, with a particular interest in habitat creation and saving species. In 2016 she set up Bolton and Bury Swifts, and advocates for nest places for Swifts and Martins, and encourages protection of their colonies. She is also an RSPCA-accredited rehabber for grounded Swifts and Hirundines.

To book this talk, please click on https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/south-notts-group-talk-the-plight-of-the-humblebee-tickets-619086653847

 Technical Requirements for ZOOM

You will need a desktop, laptop or tablet that is connected to the internet, with ZOOM software installed. Please note a videocam is NOT required to follow the talk.  SNLG does not recommend using smart phones as we feel the picture is too small. The link provided on the ticket will take you directly into the SNG talk waiting room, and the Meeting ID/Password will also be provided.

If you do not have ZOOM installed already you can download the software via this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.zoom.videomeetings&hl=en_US (the warning message that accompanies this download relates to the fact that ZOOM software accesses your web cam (if fitted)). You do not need to create a ZOOM account if using the link.

If you have any queries, please contact martin.price.snw@gmail.com.