Birdlife IS beneficial

The Times, on 27th October, reported that

 ‘Listening to birdsong for a few minutes each day may hold the key to feeling happy.

Scientists found that watching birds and enjoying their chorus lifts the spirits for up to eight hours and can help to ease depression. They said birdlife has a major role to play in helping people with mental health conditions, highlighting the importance of efforts to maintain biodiversity.

The study by King’s College London involved 1,292 people, who were asked three times a day whether they could see or hear birds and about their mental wellbeing. The team found that among those with mental health conditions, hearing or seeing birdlife was associated with improvements in mood and happiness. Healthy people also experienced a similar effect, with improvements lasting for up to eight hours’

So, although there may be little birdsong to hear at the moment,  there should still be plenty of birds to see, so why not see them at local wildlife sites around Rushcliffe? Click here for some useful links to nature reserves in Rushcliffe, both NWT and Friends of sites, and some other sites outside of Rushcliffe.