Decembers Wildlife Talk

In our December talk, Barbara Meyer took us ‘On safari in South Africa’. A keen amateur wildlife photographer, Barbara turned professional with a view to raising funds, through her work, for wildlife conservation and research.
Her extensive knowledge, gained through years of experience, was evident as she introduced us to South Africa’s wildlife, particularly that in the Kruger National Park. We met the ‘Big 5’ – a term coined by the hunting community to reflect that amongst all of the animals hunted, these were potentially the most dangerous, as “they can fight back” – lion, rhino, leopard, buffalo and elephant. We saw antelopes including nyala, kudu and waterbuck, hippos, giraffe, ostrich, baboon and many more animals, all brought to life in Barbara’s images taken on safari.
Barbara shared advice on maximising your chances of seeing animals in South Africa – use reputable organisations and experienced guides – and regaled us with accounts of locations and encounters. One of the more memorable locations is a car park where baboons try to get into arriving vehicles searching for food, and rangers fire their rifles into the air to discourage them. As Barbara said, it can be interesting returning a damaged hire car with the excuse “it was the baboons that did it”!
Thanks again to Barbara for an interesting and informative talk.
Join us for our next talk on Thursday 6th January, when Gordon Hamlett gives us ‘Molotovs and Merlins (Birdwatching in Scotland)’, looking at the trials and tribulations of writing his best selling book ‘The best birdwatching sites in Scotland’.

Celebrating Rushcliffe Awards 2021

Every year Rushcliffe Borough Council run this award to recognise community spirit in the area.
Congratulations to Gordon Dyne for receiving the Pride of Rushcliffe Award for over 20 years of support for being a dedicated protector of wildlife in the Borough.
Described as a beacon of wildlife volunteering and knowledge to all in Rushcliffe for his decades of dedication, he is also Chair of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust South Notts Group, leads the Rushcliffe Nature Conservation Strategy Implementation Group and ia warden for Wilwell Farm Cutting near Ruddington.
We are also delighted to announce that Wild Things Keyworth has been successful in winning the Environmental Group or Project of the Year, Award, for their work promoting a hedgehog friendly Keyworth.
For more details of the awards and nominations in all categories follow this link   
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