The South Notts Local Group AGM is on Thur 19th Apr, followed by a talk by the Keeping It Wild Young Peoples Group (Notts Wildlife Trust) on their work and activities. 7.30pm in Room 5, West Bridgford Methodist Church, (junction of Patrick Road and Musters Road), West Bridgford, NG2 7PQ. Admission free. We are interested in hearing from anyone who might be interested in joining the committee for 2018/19 and help us in our work promoting and interest in wildlife locally and supporting the work of Notts Wildlife Trust. If you want to know more please contact me on gordon.dyne@gmail.com or 0115 8784842

The Award Winning Rushcliffe Wildlife Watch Group goes from strength to strength

The Rushcliffe Wildlife Watch Group has been voted winners of the prestigious ‘Wildlife Watch Group of the year’ for 2017 by the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts. The announcement made last week said;

This year, the winner of the Wildlife Watch Group of the Year Awards is Rushcliffe Wildlife Watch Group from Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. Well done Rushcliffe! This fantastic group is really led by the children – they spent lots of time outdoors (a must for a Watch group!) and lots of their members have won Hedgehog Awards this year by helping wildlife in their area. 

Their group has a knitted hedgehog mascot called Mr Hedgehog. The children take it in turns to take Mr Hedgehog on adventures, completing his diary over the course of the year. In 2017 they made treats for the birds, built a minibeast hotel, picked litter, went on a fungi hunt… and that was just a few of their sessions! “

Judge Ellie Bottomley said: “A fun, creative and enthusiastic group who impressed me with their hedgehog diary of wild adventures which carried on outside of group activities!”

Judge Ben Cook said: “This group is really led by what the children want to do. A good mix of fun and learning: great!”

The Rushcliffe Wildlife Watch Group meets every second Saturday of the month throughout the year, (bar August) at the Education Room in Rushcliffe Country Park – whatever the weather.

The group, which is the junior section of the Wildlife Trusts, is aimed at children aged from 8-13, though there is no strict age restriction at the Rushcliffe group, as there are some younger siblings that enjoy the sessions very much and the group always welcomes new members with open arms.

The next session is Saturday 10th March 11:00 – 13:00 at the education room in Rushcliffe Country Park, when the group will be discovering all about Myths, Monsters and Folk Tales associated with the natural world. Be prepared to be spookily entertained.

Then on Saturday 14th April it’s all about Wormholes! A most varied and fascinating subject.

For further information, contact Geoff East on 07804 297041/ Geast@nottswt.co.uk.

Pub Quiz great success

The pub quiz at the {Poppy & Pint last Sunday was a great success, with 25 teams and nearly 100 people taking part  There were some demanding questions, badger bonus rounds and spot questions. The winning team got a cracking 83 out of 100 points.

We raised around £418 from entrance fees, raffle and sale of wooly badgers.to help the work of NWT in Rushcliffe and across the county. A big thanks to Niel Glenn, our question setter, to the rest of the team who collected money and tore up raffle tickets et al. But also to the Poppy & Pint who allowed us use of the room (and a prize), but also Castle Rock Brewery, Notts County Football Club, Notts County Cricket Club who also contributed to the prizes, as well as Boots, and Sue Reesby who provided raffle prizes.


Wildlife on Your Doorstep Awards

The search is on for wildlife heroes from across the county as we seek nominations for the 2018 Wildlife on Your Doorstep Awards. We’re looking to recognise indivduals, groups, business, schools, in fact anyone that is going the extra mile to help wildlife in their local area. Nottingamshire Wildlife Trust is built on local action and we believe that it is essential to highlight the efforts of those who are doing their bit to make our county better for wildlife and people. We’ll be making awards right across the county thanks to the support of both CEMEX UK and EDF Energy (Cottam & West Burton).

The closing date for nominations is March 5th and should be sent to communications@nottswt.co.uk

To find out more about the awards visit our website

Co Op Community Funding

Very happy to announce that last week we had three new projects funded, so if you are a Co Op member please consider choosing one of these as your funding option (BEVS and Skylarks are Rushcliffe based projects).

  1. Infrastructure for conservation grazing at Foxcovert Nature Reserve (linked to Gedling Local Group) –https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/17587 (we will receive approx£2,000 for this in Dec 2018)
  2. Green Rangers youth volunteering at Skylarks Nature Reserve (linked to the Keeping It Wild Youth Group) –https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/14852  (we will receive approx£2,666 for this in Dec 2018)
  3. Badger Edge Vaccination Scheme (NWT) – https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/14394  (we will receive approx£5,166for this in Dec 2018)

Also, we now have the final figures raised through the four current/previous projects – these being:

  1. Skylarks Nature Reserve – tools and reserve improvements (NWT city group/Keeping it Wild) – (we received £1284.00 for this in April 2017)
  2. Wild Science – educating kids about nature (Attenborough Education Programme – linked to Beeston Wildlife Group) –https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/7943 (we will receive £2362.84 for this in Dec this year)
  3. Keeping it Wild roadshow of events (NWT) – https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/10489  (we will receive £1802.91 for this in Dec this year)
  4. Pondemonium! Wilford’s Wetland Wonders (linked to South Notts Local Group) – https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/10863  (we will receive £1958.05 for this in Dec this year)

So that’s at least £17,000 income from the Co-op in total spread over two years – a very good reason to like the Co-op at the moment!!!

Grizzled Skipper Work Parties

Please find a link for the NottsBAG Grizzled Skipper Practical Work Poster 2017-18_V1  which will work on habitat management for this locally rare butterfly (South Notts is it`s most northerly colonies. Obviously the venues are still being decided but mostly are in the Rushcliffe and immediately adjacent areas. If you are interested in helping this, please get in touch with Chris Jackson for further details.



Barton in Fabis Gravel Pit – NWT Planning Response

Attached is the Notts Wildlife Trust response to a planning application for gravel extraction at Barton in Fabis Barton in Fabis proposed Quarry NWT Response Redacted October 2017. Although in the long term (10 – 20 years down the line) it will result in the creation of a lake (set to become a relatively common habitat along the Trent valley  because of gravel extraction). But it will also cause damage to  and loss of a number of designated Local Wildlife Sites. The totality of these LWS`s across Rushcliffe is about 5% of the Boroughs area.

NWT feels that such scarce habitat should not be sacrificed today in the hope of achieving some sort of mitigation decades down the line, as the creation of a rich complex habitat of plants, invertebrates etc will take decades to evolve. The sowing of a species rich grassland mix is just the start of a long process. It is also worth noting that there is no guarantee the site will end up as a “proper” nature reserve.

Where for example the East Leake gravel pit was extended a few years ago, across farmland, the Trust took the view that it would not represent a significant loss of habitat and therefore concentrated on achieving  the best possible habitat mitigation. But again the ponds created will return to the landowner who may then do with them as he wishes, they become wildlife habitat NOT nature reserves.

Every Child Wild at Rushcliffe Wildlife Watch Group

Wildlife Watch is the junior branch of The Wildlife Trusts and the UK’s leading environmental action club for kids. There are 150,000 Wildlife Watch members around the UK and hundreds of local Watch groups where young people get stuck into environmental activities. Taking part in Wildlife Watch is an exciting way to explore your surroundings and get closer to the wildlife you share it with.

The Rushcliffe Wildlife Watch Group meets every second Saturday of the month (except august) at the Education Centre in Rushcliffe Country Park. Sessions generally run from 11:00am through to 1pm and always involve some fun and games, which are usually outside in the Country Park- weather permitting. The Watch is appropriate for children from age 8 to 13, though we do have some younger ones in the group and our activities are always tailored to be inclusive.

The children are really enthusiastic have recently built a monster Bug Hotel in the Country Park. Earlier in the year they made bird boxes, discovered about the ‘Jurassic’ Country Park and at our most recent session ‘went wild’ in the country park, hugged a few trees, made some noise and played the ‘smelly sock game’ – ugh you may think – but actually quite brilliant.

At our next session on Saturday October 14th, we are really excited, as we have ‘Hawks of Steele’ coming to visit and they will be bringing some amazing birds of prey to the park. This will be a great opportunity to get close to some of our wonderful raptors and to learn all about them. Then on November 11th, we have the Notts. Fungi Group coming over for a ‘Fungi Foray’. We will be introduced to a great variety of mushrooms, toadstools and other fungi and will be great fun as we are bound to discover lots of weird and wonderful specimens. Finally for 2017, our meet on December 9th is ‘Party Time’.

And the best thing about joining Wildlife Watch is that you’ll be helping to care for the wildlife where you live! Isn’t that great?

So, if you would like to see what it is all about, come along to one of our advertised sessions, or contact Geoff East, one of the group leaders by e-mail Geoff.east@virginmedia.com or phone on 07804 297041. Alternatively, call Lynn Victor at Notts Wildlife Trust on 01159 588 242.

Website: www.wildlifewatch.org.uk