Hedgehog Monitoring

A partnership of organisations are looking to set up a National Hedgehog Monitoring Programme pilot, a three year project is starting currently. The pilot is looking for sites to be included in the project and it would be great to have a number of sites from Nottinghamshire included in this work. If you think you or your organisation have a site that could be used in this pilot or that you may be interested in getting involved as a volunteer please contact Lauren Moore lauren.moore@ntu.ac.

 Researchers from NTU Brackenhurst are collaborating with PTES, ZSL, University of Durham and various other partners on a National Hedgehog Monitoring Programme pilot.

 In brief, the survey would cover an area of 1km in which a grid of 30 motion-detection cameras would be set up by members of the team or project volunteers. The cameras will be recording 24-hours a day for 30 days, once every year (3-year pilot). The data files will then run through a piece of software that first removes all non-target data (inc. human activity, vegetation movement, bright sunshine bleaching etc.), before the data is then uploaded to MammalWeb, where the files will be individually checked, and all species identified (not just hedgehogs). The hedgehog data will be sent to the data boffins to undertake statistical analysis on population estimates. The biological records (all species) will be made available to the relevant LERCs.

 Fundamentally, the aim of the project is to produce robust hedgehog population estimates. However, it is anticipated that a broad range of other species are likely to be captured and therefore the project will also help us to gain additional biological data on Nottinghamshire’s wildlife. The project has been trialled in London and is set to continue. NTU are therefore hoping to base their surveys in rural / semi-rural locations. However, all sites will be considered. This is therefore a shout out to any partners / landowners In Nottinghamshire, who would be happy to take part in the trial and are willing to provide access to suitable sites.

 For more information, please contact Lauren Moore lauren.moore@ntu.ac.uk