Nottinghamshire Dormouse Survey

This season, the Nottinghamshire Dormouse Group will be attempting to undertake a county-wide dormouse survey to attempt to determine if there are any ‘natural’ dormouse populations in Nottinghamshire. As far as we are aware, there have never been any surveys undertaken in the county to determine the presence / likely absence of dormice. Our understanding of their status in Nottinghamshire is based on an assumption made from information gleaned in 1885 by Naturalist George T Rope.

 In other counties, there is a requirement for to undertaken presence / absence surveys to inform any planning application that has the potential to impact on any habitats that have the potential to impact dormouse habitat (hedgerows, scrub, woodlands etc). However, this is not the case in Nottinghamshire and consequently, we do not have any ‘modern day’ data on their status. We have already identified 20 priority woodlands. These are all ancient woodlands and appear to still have some level of landscape connectivity, which is crucial.  

The following google sheet also list all of the woodlands, in addition to some spare woodlands (in case our preferable woodlands are not available).  Specifically in Rushcliffe they are interested in finding who owns Gotham Wood (SK522292) which is on Wood Lane (nr Gotham) on the other side of the shallow valley opposite Stonepit Plantation, Cottagers and Gotham Hill Wood.

If anyone knows the landowner, please let Lorna know Also, if there are other woodlands that partners think may have potential to support hazel dormice, please do add them to the list. Ideally, we are wanting ancient woodlands with an element of landscape connectivity, be that hedgerows or nearby pockets of woodland.

 Thank you – Lorna Griffiths MRes BSc (Hons) ACIEEM  (City Nature Recovery Officer)
Tel: 0115 958 8242