Government bow to pressure on Environmental Laws

The UK Government had been forging forward with a ‘sunset clause’ on the Retained EU Law Bill that would bulldoze hundreds of important laws that protect nature and people at the end of the year. But this week they have announced it will scrap the ‘sunset clause’ and keep many of these vital environmental laws. This in part is a result of passionate postcards, emails and tweets by committed supporters to MPs raising the alarm organized by various NGO`s such as The Wildlife Trusts, National Trust and RSPB (and promoted locally).
The Wildlife Trusts are not congratulating the Government for its decision to stop doing something it should never have even thought about in the first place. Given the urgent need to address the nature and climate crisis, they should be strengthening protections, not ripping them apart.
This is a huge shift from the Government, but we are concerned that some laws are still to be binned, whilst the Bill will continue to allow future Ministers, not Parliament, to revoke important laws at whim, whenever they want to.

A Bulldozer in it`s native habitat