2021/22 South Notts Local Group – Winter Wildlife Talks Programme

All our talks are online via ZOOM in order to utilize a wider range of speakers from around the country and also to make it accessible to a wider range of  people in Rushcliffe and indeed elsewhere. If you want to book in one go the entire programme of six talks and AGM/Talk for £15 (ie less booking fee) contact gordon.dyne@gmail.com. Talks are recorded so if you miss one viewing can be arranged. For details of Technical Requirements see below.

 Thur Oct 7th  – Flowers of Road Verges and Reserves Gerald spent  two years photographing the Nature Reserves and flower-bedecked roadsides, all within eight miles of his home in the countryside to the south of Winchester. Join him as he talks about the diverse flora he found and how many of our common wild flowers have fascinating tales to tell ! Talk is online via ZOOM and cost £3 per device (incl booking fee) via https://www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/events/2021-10-07-south-notts-group-talk-wildflowers-reserves-and-roadsides-gerald-pointing

Thurs Nov 4th  – Gardening for butterflies with Max and Christine Maughan . The talk looks at why gardens are important for butterflies, going on to show what butterflies you might see in your garden throughout the year.  It then looks at the plants both cultivated and wild that could be planted to attract butterflies and food plants for their caterpillars. Talk is online via ZOOM and cost £3 per device (incl booking fee) via https://www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/events/2021-11-04-south-notts-group-talk-gardening-butterflies-max-and-christine-maughan

 Thurs Dec 2nd – On Safari in South Africa  with Barbara Myer. Come with us on a journey to the Greater Krüger National Park and other game reserves in South Africa. Barbara’s work has taken her to many different destinations in South Africa and through this she has learnt much about the wildlife, safaris and also how the tourism may support the wildlife, but also looks at the negative impacts it may have on wildlife. You will gain an insight into the wildlife distribution in South Africa as well as considerations to be made when planning a safari. Talk is online via ZOOM and cost £3 per device (incl booking fee) via https://www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/events/2021-12-02-south-notts-group-talk-safari-south-africa-barbara-myers

Thurs Jan 6th – Molotovs and Merlins (Birdwatching in Scotland) with Gordon Hamlett:  A light-hearted look at the trials and tribulations of writing his bestselling book The Best Birdwatching Sites in the Scottish Highlands. Gordon is a freelance writer and editor. His articles have appeared in Bird Watching Magazine, Birdwatch, The Birdwatcher’s Yearbook and many more. Talk is online via ZOOM and cost £3 per device (incl booking fee) via https://www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/events/2022-01-06-south-notts-group-talk-molotovs-and-merlins-birdwatching-scotland-gordon-hamlett

Thurs Feb 3rd  – Discovering Scotland`s Western & Northern Isles with Nick Martin. Through images captured during his travels, Wildlife Photographer, Nick Martin describes the Western Isles of Scotland including Skye and the mysterious Outer Hebrides. Then moving north to the magical Shetlands images of wildlife and landscapes include everything from orchids to eagles and skuas to otters. Talk is online via ZOOM and cost £3 per device (incl booking fee) via https://www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/events/2022-02-03-south-notts-group-talk-discovering-scotlands-western-northern-isles-nick-martin 

Thurs Mar 3rd – Kirtlington’s Hedgehog Superhighway with Stephen William Powles. The UK hedgehog population has suffered a dramatic decline over the last 10 years. Critical to hedgehog conservation in urban environments is their ability to move through a wider landscape. Stephen Powles will describe how his brother, Chris, inspired the villagers of Kirtlington to take an interest in their hedgehogs and how they went on to create a “Hedgehog Superhighway” of interconnected gardens. Talk is online via ZOOM and cost £3 per device (incl booking fee) via https://www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/events/2022-03-03-south-notts-group-talk-kirtlingtons-hedgehog-superhighway-stephen-william-powles

Thurs 28th April – South Notts Local Group AGM followed by Beavers at Idle Valley with Janice Bradley. If you are an NWT member in Rushcliffe join us online via ZOOM for a short AGM to look at the past year, the future and to elect the 2022/23 committee. This will be followed by a look at the exciting Beaver Project up at the Idle with our Northern Nature Recovery Manager. Talk is online via ZOOM and is for NWT Members Only, no charge with booking via https://www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/events/2022-04-28-south-notts-local-group-agm-beavers-idle-valley-talk

 Technical Requirements for ZOOM

You will need a desktop/laptop or tablet that is connected to the internet and with ZOOM software installed. Please note a videocam is NOT required to follow the talk. But SNG does not recommend using smart phones as we feel the picture is to small. The link provided on the ticket will take you directly into the SNG talk waiting room, although the Meeting ID/Password is also provided.

If you do not have ZOOM installed already you can download the software via this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.zoom.videomeetings&hl=en_US (the warning message that accompanies this download relates to the fact that ZOOM software accesses your web cam (if fitted)). You do not need to create a ZOOM account if using the link.

Any queries please contact gordon.dyne@gmail.com