2022/23 Winter Wildlife Talks Programme

We have now finished our 2022/23 Winter Wildlife Talks Programme and, once again, it was an absolute cracker, helping take our minds off dark nights and winter weather.

We heard Cate Barrow describe the privations she has suffered photographing Finland’s wildlife, including cold, rain, snow, midges, sleeping in hides and snoring birders – but all worth it to bring us stunning images of bears, wolverines, owls, ospreys, divers, and much more.

Nearer home, David Chapman kept us engrossed with a wide range of captivating images of Cornwall’s birds through the seasons, placing many of them within superbly-shot landscapes.

December saw us journey to the US of A with Max and Christine Maughan, as they relived a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, bringing wonderful memories of native wildlife and stunning geothermal activity in breathtaking landscapes.

Coming back over the Atlantic, Nick Martin once again demonstrated his peerless knowledge and wide experience as he took us through the full range of our native mammals, complementing his informative commentary with some excellent images.

In February, Tim Sexton showed us how targeted action can bring nature back to even the bleakest environment, as he recounted the wide range of plants and animals, particularly insects, he found over two years survey work at the old Rufford Colliery site restored by NWT and others, including species never previously recorded in the county.

We ended in March with Roger Hance’s superb talk on ‘Life in the Undergrowth’, describing a wide range of species ranging from orchids, through butterflies to fungi, all of which were beautifully illustrated with some stunning images.

We are currently planning next year’s programme, so keep an eye out for details, which will be coming soon.