South Notts Local Group AGM

Another year another AGM, which went very well apart from having to move to another building because of blocked drains ! This years comittee is unchanged apart from Geoff Fyles standing down (thanks for your efforts over the years Geoff) and will consist of Gordon Dyne (Chair), Valerie Holt (Vice Chair), Jacquie Glen (Secretary), Neil Pinder (Treasurer), Graham Leigh-Browne, Margie Richards, Neil Glen, Judith Booth, Cath Lockart and Keely Martin. As pour constitution allows for a committe of up to ten we still have slots available for two other people and I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who might be interested in joining us (we are allowed to co-opt). If you think it might be for you contact me on OR 0115 8784842 to talk about it. Fresh minds are allways good.

For general information I have posted the Chairs and Treasurers Report + minutes of the last years AGM (and this years once available) on the web site. follow this link for

2013/14 AGM Report AGM Mins 2014

2014/15 Annual Report 2015 LG Report

2014/15 Income and Expenditure IncExp 2014-15