Wildlife gardening

One of the ways we can help nature is through more wildlife-friendly gardening.   NWT’s  two-minute survey can score your garden and offer ideas to make it even better for wildlife. To find out more, and why this is so important, visit https://www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org/blog/thewildlifetrusts/put-your-garden-test

Complementing this, and encompassing more than just wildlife,  the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) has just published ‘How to Get More Wildlife into Your Garden and Absorb More Carbon’ which can be found on its website at https://cieem.net/how-to-get-more-wildlife-into-your-garden-and-absorb-more-carbon-by-penny-anderson/?fbclid=IwAR1amHpc0bMwYGVFYXYcHA5E7sd1ZBR0SFcw3-2uIDo9chkoAjtQCnN-k7Q