Rushcliffe No Mow Areas Survey Results

Readers of our posts will recall the appeal for people to respond to Rushcliffes survey on their No Mow trial on selected parts of grassland on RBC land. Of the 398 responses to the survey, only 3.5% negative, but 66% totally in favour.

RBC plan to continue next year at the six sites, hopefully extending the scheme a bit on those sites, but also to additional locations. Basically the designated areas will be managed by an annual cut & remove, with no use of herbicides. RBC is also reviewing it`s herbicide usage policy more generally.

But it would also be worth talking to your parish councils and ask if they could look at doing something similar on land they own. Perhaps a corner of a playing field left to grow over the summer or part of a village green, indeed any greenspace. It is not going to change the world, BUT it is a small contribution providing a little more good wildlife habitat for grasses, flowers and insects. So always worth doing.