Progress on Wilford Fields

As it stands, the petition will be presented to the Transport and Environment Committee on the 13th of October where it will be considered and responded to, as part of a wider report covering a number of petitions. Not only that, they’re taking it word for word!
It is envisaged that the petition will be accepted and the actions requested in the petition taken forward.
This is fantastic news. The field is days away from being formally protected and will now be in the community’s hands to prepare for its future.
I will be sharing a poll in the coming week for when we might be able to host an online (zoom) inaugural meeting of the Friends of Wilford Field group where we will elect formal committee positions, adopt a constitution and prepare a future plan. This will be integral to the council accepting that Wilford Field has a bright future and we are the right people to be helping to guide its future.
Councillor Gordon Wheeler has continued to be a fantastic support and has committed to being there at every step of the way. Without him, this petition wouldn’t have made it to the committee let alone been accepted. Thank you Gordon!
The first big step is to make Wilford Field accessible.
Many people will know the pain of the slip’n’slide at the Western entrance as soon as there’s any hint of rain. For some who rely on that entrance or most enjoy walking through the field on their daily commute, this is an annual pain!
Please comment with any recommendations or suggestions on how we might make the steep bank more accessible. This might revolve around durable matting, but you might have other bright ideas that are feasible. Unfortunately, it appears that steps, for health and safety reasons, are beyond consideration.
My personal thought is a slight diverted route going left (when coming up from Sydney Park) on a less steep gradient lightly carved into the side of the bank. Please share your thoughts and we can put these to the council.