Nature Conservation in Rushcliffe

Rushcliffe has had a nature conservation strategy in place since 2003 and one of the key was to try and ensure that the Strategy was more than just good intentions. So over the years the Steering Group has been supporting, promoting, cajoling and on occasion despairing of nature conservation and wildlife protection in Rushcliffe.
There is certainly more going on in the Borough now, sometimes as a result of initiatives by a committed individual/dedicated group – as evidenced for example by the Rushcliffe Barn Owl Project, Friends of Bingham Linear Park, Wild Things Keyworth (Hedgehogs), Grizzled Skipper Project and East Bridgford Wildlife Group. And behind that is the commitment of organisations such as Notts Wildlife Trust and Rushcliffe Borough Council in supporting these initiatives but also with their own activities and projects. But in the end time and commitment by motivated individuals (professional and volunteer) is a big driver for taking things further.
The current range of local actions can be gauged from the following…/2020-RNCS… and the list of Rushcliffe sites currently classed as nature reserves…/2020-RNCS-Nature…
Is it enough ? Clearly more can be done, indeed more needs to be done, as there have always been counter pressures from development, changes in land use and now the impacts from climate change. Probably at the moment we are, at best, holding the line.
So what are YOU prepared to contribute ?