Hedgehogs & Rushcliffe Borough Council

You may be interested in to know that the Rushcliffe full council considered and passed the following motion at its meeting on 1 July.
This Council notes the alarming decline in number of hedgehogs and threat of extinction and pledges to:
– Adopt landscape management practices on land it owns and manages that are supportive to hedgehogs and their habitat.
– Encourage other agencies/councils operating in Rushcliffe to do likewise.
– Conduct a public awareness campaign to encourage the public to adopt supportive practices.
– Include appropriate conditions and advisory notes on planning consents to support the species.
Exactly how this is to be implemented is still to be worked out, but it is a another step forward and hopefully will supplement the local hedgehog initiatives (see https://www.facebook.com/wildthingskeyworth/ for a prime example of a local hedgehog initiative by committed locals.