Stanton on the Wolds Golf Club –

Whilst conservation work on nature reserves is very important, such sites are only a small fraction of the total area of the Borough. So this extract from the Golf Courses Annual Report, represents a useful contribution to the bigger picture

A lot of ecology work has been taking place on the course during lockdown. The dew pond on the 15th has been cleared out and landscaped (Could I politely request that members do not introduce any fish or vegetation to this area please). A number of new bird and bat boxes have been installed in a number of locations around the course alongside numerous log piles and insect houses.

We made good ecological use of the tonnes of cores removed during greens maintenance week these have been placed in a number of damaged areas around the course they have been rolled and by late Spring they will provide a healthy covering of grass. Hundreds of thousands of wild flower seed have been sewn around the course (I will keep the locations secret and hopefully you will see them germinate and grow)