Badger Cull in Leicestershire and the southern end of Rushcliffe

Despite strong protests from local Wildlife Trusts and other nature conservation organisations the government have authorized a badger cull in Leicestershire. It turns out that the licence actually covers  land in the southern end of Rushcliffe on the Notts Leic border. As a result a significant number of farmers have withdrawn from the Badger vaccination scheme, but even worse it means the government are now culling badgers that they have funded to be vaccinated.

Leaving aside the waste of taxpayers money and the serious doubts about the effectiveness of a badger cull, it is a terrible blow to the Trust officer and many volunteers who have been running the programme for 5-6 years now.

Consideration was given to requesting Judicial Review of the cull by a consortium of local Wildlife Trusts, but unfortunately legal opinion was not very hopefully as to success. So not all of the consortium members were prepared to take the risk , therefore making it more costly for other groups, so this route has been abandoned.

We understand that Badgers have already been killed.